Southern Savage

"Traded my porch for a fire escape No room for couches, we just sit on metal slats and let our feet dangle"

Southern Savage

  • 1. The Sugar's Gone
  • 2. The Best Things in Life
  • 3. Southern Savage
  • 4. Kitchen Sink Drama
  • 5. I'm Just a Gringa
  • 6. I Don't Mind
  • 7. Inside Furniture on the Outside
  • 8. Gangster's Daughter
  • 9. Martin
  • 10. Vacation

After graduating from Hendrix College in 2002, Sarah migrated with friends to New York City. Her raspy drawl was well received at East Village locales, but she realized that a tiny Harlem apartment and the metropolitan life were not an ideal fit for her. The song “Southern Savage” delves into this moment in time.